Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pop Pins / Weld-On Quick Release Pins

Innovative Components Inc is a leading manufacturer of Pop Pins, also known as clamp pins, weld-on pins, and spring-loaded plungers. Pop Pins are used as a convenient and quick way to adjust height or length on many applications, but most commonly used on fitness equipment, tooling, and racking systems. These state of the art Pop Pins are available with a large assortment of standard black or colored plastic knobs including the commonly used ball knob, T-knob, and pull knob. Soft touch knobs are available for a more comfortable grip. Pop Pins have a weld-on steel barrel and a threaded spring-loaded plunger assembly. The pins are available in coarse or fine thread and are also available with a lock-out feature, which holds the pin in the open/retracted position until adjustments are finalized. Standard pins are available in 5/16" straight tip, 3/8" straight tip, 1/2" straight tip, 1/2" short tip, and 1/2" tapered tip. All pins are case hardened for added durability and strength. Custom assemblies are available per your specification. Minimums may apply. Visit our website at or call 800-566-2774.

Lynch Pins / Linch Pins

Lynch Pins are used as a convenient way to adjust or remove accessories on equipment. Innovative Components offers a wide range of stock standard Lynch Pins in various sizes and configurations to meet any application. The self-locking ring snaps into place to securely hold the assembly and also allow for quick removal. Lynch Pins are forged steel for maximum strength and plated zinc with yellow dichromate for corrosion resistance. All dimensions are nominal. Add one of our standard stock wire rope lanyards to any quick release pin. Minimums may apply. Whatever your needs are, Innovative Components can help. Can't find the Quick Release Pin you are looking for? Visit Our website at call 800-566-2774.