Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Secondary Machining Operations

Innovative Components is now specializing in Secondary Machining such as drilling, tapping, cut off & chamfering, turning, milling, pointing, grooving, threading, shaving, and cutting. In addition to our simpler machines, Innovative owns and operates various CNC and Swiss CNC machines. Our minimum order is $250. Contact sales today to discuss your secondary machining needs. Call 800-566-2774 or email
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Metal Knobs

Innovative Components' knobs are CNC machined from solid bar stock. Metal knobs are available in steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and brass. All metal ball knobs as well as metal knurled knobs are hand polished to perfection. These sleak and versatile knobs are an excellent choice for both decorative and industrial use. Metal knobs come equipped with a tapped hole in either course or fine threads. If you can't find the metal knob you are looking for, let Innovatives' design & engineering department design the knob you are looking for. Contact sales by calling 800-566-2774 or email sales at
You can visit our website at or click here to drop right into the metal knob web page.

Control Knobs / Instrument Knobs

Our latest addition to our plastic knob line includes control knobs, instrument knobs, and pointer knobs. If your application requires fine, precise position adjustments, a control knob is what you need. Innovative's in house pad printing and hot stamping capabilities allows users to decorate their control knobs with numbers, dots, lines, instructions, aluminum inlays, raised lettering, and just about anything you can think of! Don't see the control knob you are looking for? Allow Innovative's low cost Costa Rican facility to design and manufacture a mold suited to your specific control knob requirements. Contact sales today at 800-566-2774 or
You may visit out web page at or click here to drop into the control knob web page.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New & Improved Website

Innovative Components, Inc. website has gone through a redesign to give it a fresh look as well as making it easier to navigate. Take a look at our new and improved website at Innovative Components, Inc. is a manufacturer of plastic clamping knobs, control knobs, metal knobs, wire rope lanyards, CNC screw machine parts, secondaries, and quick release pins such as positive locking pins, ring detent pins, wire lock pins, lynch pins, spring loaded plunger pins, and more. Let Innovative Components of Schaumburg, Illinois and our sister company, Componentes Innovadores, located in Cartago, Costa Rica save you money today. You can contact Innovative Components by calling 800-566-2774 or at

Monday, November 29, 2010

Positive Locking Pins

Innovative Components Inc. is a leading manufacturer of positive locking pins, also known as ball lock pins. Positive Locking pins are used as a convenient yet secure way to adjust or remove accessories on many types of equipment. Innovative Components offers a wide range of standard pins made to order in various sizes and configurations to meet any application. Positive Locking Pins are available in 5 handle styles including ring handle, cup handle, button handle, T-handle, L-Handle and are available in carbon steel and stainless steel. Positive Locking Pins offer the ultimate in retention safety and dependability by having a push button that initiates and controls ball action and retraction. The positive locking design combines secure fastening with "quick release" ease of removal. The double ball design increases retention capabilities. Add one of our standard stock wire rope lanyards to any quick release pin.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Spring Loaded Hand Retractable Plunger Pins

Innovative Components Inc is a leading manufacturer of spring loaded plunger pins. Also known as indexing plungers, these pins are used in machining applications with limited space as positioners, loading pins, and indexing devices. Each style comes equipped with an easy to grasp knurled knob (plastic or metal) or with a pull ring used for withdrawing and engaging the plunger. To withdraw the plunger tip, pull on the knob or ring, adjust the work piece to re-align perforated holes, and release to re-engage the plunger tip. Available in lock-out or non-lock-out, as well as steel or stainless steel. Custom designs welcome. Innovative also supplies plastic clamping knobs, quick release pins, wire rope lanyard assemblies, and Thread Detectives™ to the fastener industry. Contact or call 800-566-2774 for more information.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pop Pins / Weld-On Quick Release Pins

Innovative Components Inc is a leading manufacturer of Pop Pins, also known as clamp pins, weld-on pins, and spring-loaded plungers. Pop Pins are used as a convenient and quick way to adjust height or length on many applications, but most commonly used on fitness equipment, tooling, and racking systems. These state of the art Pop Pins are available with a large assortment of standard black or colored plastic knobs including the commonly used ball knob, T-knob, and pull knob. Soft touch knobs are available for a more comfortable grip. Pop Pins have a weld-on steel barrel and a threaded spring-loaded plunger assembly. The pins are available in coarse or fine thread and are also available with a lock-out feature, which holds the pin in the open/retracted position until adjustments are finalized. Standard pins are available in 5/16" straight tip, 3/8" straight tip, 1/2" straight tip, 1/2" short tip, and 1/2" tapered tip. All pins are case hardened for added durability and strength. Custom assemblies are available per your specification. Minimums may apply. Visit our website at or call 800-566-2774.